About Us

About Us

TAPVIBES stands out among all Nigerian website portals not only for its beautiful design and easy navigation but for its loaded, rich, priceless and unique contents. The idea of TAPVIBES was concieved and built from scratch by Victor , the CEO, and thanks to my Friend
aka JOSHUAEASY for His support.. a seasoned webdesigner, web consultant and a specialist in web analysis with a degree in C.Sc. to bolster his ranks.

After much consideration, scruitination and deliberation TAPVIBES was launched October 2 and since its inception, TAPVIBES has been providing immense and un-quantifiable help and services to the Nigerian society by keeping them abreast with the latest happenings in Free Browsing Technology, Entertainment, and unlimited free mobile contents for mobile phones, laptops, ipads e.t.c .

While focusing on the above TAPVIBES knows the level of job unemployment in the country and are doing their own little best to eradicate this menace by providing online Legitimate money making tutorials and business ideas to the ever growing number of Nigerian youths.

TAPVIBES also extends its borders by organising eye Рcatching seminars and workshop to tutor Nigerian youths on some specialized areas like pond making, construction of solar panels e.t.c.

TAPVIBES superlative and hardworking crew (admins) cannot be left unmentioned for their good and productive ideas. They are the brain behind TAPVIBES.
This introductory text was composed and written by Victor of TAPVIBES a seasoned writer and web review expert.


Software expert and website wizard Victor holds an admireable degree in C.Sc. From one of Nigerians priemere institutions. TAPVIBES was established on Aug 25 by Victor with the help of JOSHUAEASY, Nigerian priemere phone technologist. He has recieved so many recognition, accolades and good will messages from his fans and well wishers. Above all Victor is a humble and an average Nigerian dude with a great perspective to life.